Burial Services

Honour Your Loved One with Funeral Alternatives
Nothing can prepare you fully for the loss of a loved one. During the mourning process, you might find it difficult to deal with complex, expensive funeral arrangements. At Affordable Burial & Cremation, we offer funeral alternatives you can honour your departed loved one with dignity and simplicity.

Choose Direct Burial
You may decide to opt out of a traditional funeral for many reasons, such as cutting expenses or honouring your loved one's wishes. Whatever your reasons, we can help you gain closure by offering:

  • Consultation: During the initial consultation, we will work with you to compile information pertaining to burial or cremation.
  • Preparation and documentation: We prepare all relevant documents connected to burial and cremation so you can focus on finding closure. These documents include a Statement of Death Certificate for estate purposes. All documents are prepared in compliance with the Vital Statistics, Coroners, and Cemeteries Acts.
  • Arrangements: Let us help you make arrangements to lay your loved one to rest. We do not provide public visitation, but we do offer private family viewings or identification viewings prior to burial or cremation.
If you are struggling to make funeral arrangements, our staff will help make the process easier.
Let Us Support You Through This Troubled Time
At Affordable Burial & Cremation we strive to help families by providing services that are:
  • Simple: Our goal is to help lift your burdens during this troubled time. We work with compassion to support each grieving family.
  • Affordable: It can be difficult to consider putting a price on your loved one's resting place. However, it can be just as difficult to plan a financially draining ceremony. We can help you make arrangements that will properly honour your loved one without creating undue financial stress.

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